World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary

World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary

World's Largest Marine Sanctuary

The conversations are continuing in Germany about considering the establishment of world’s largest marine sanctuary in Antarctica. Scientists hoped that the plan of making the shelter of ┬áSea Ras and East Antarctica for the aquatic life protection will get the required support. Experts are anxious, as in the as in the past, Russia and other countries, have opposed this plan and can prevent the establishment of shelter.

Commission to work for the protection of life in Antarctica consists of those countries who have interests in southern waters. Among them are Australia, the United States, China and Russia. On any decision about the South water area, a consensus must be reached for all countries.

In the city of Germany, the shelter of aquatic life project is under consideration. According to this project in case of establishment around the South Pole there will be a ban on catching the fish and animals such as river calves and penguin will have a full protection.

In case of establishment of this aquatic shelter, total area of all water shelters in the world will be doubled. The area of the above mentioned shelter in sea Ras is 2.5 square kilo meter and in east Antarctica is 1.63%.

Plan of New aquatic shelter is under consideration for many years ago, but last year in October, because of the concerns of China, Ukraine and Russia it could not reach to the completion. The United States and New Zealand are trying that this time the project will become successful.

According to the experts, the establishment of shelter will benefit several types of animals here. All over the world 38% of addle penguin and 26% king penguin are found here.

In the way of the approval of the project, the biggest obstacle is a matter of fish hunting. Which is very important for the South Korea, Japan and some other countries such as Norway whose fisherman are benefited to them.

Among the fish special explainable in small fish is krill, in the world, which is increasingly in demand. This fish is in demand due to the chemical formulated supplements Omega 3 usage. But here, these krill become the food of whales, penguin, marine birds, and river calves.

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