How to get approved for Venmo Credit Card? [Step to Pre-approval Process]

You can use the Venmo credit card to make purchases in the same way that you would with a traditional debit or credit card. You can pay for anything with the Venmo app by selecting the item and then deciding whether to charge it to your Venmo account balance or an existing credit line. It’s a popular fallacy that Venmo is only for reimbursing friends and dividing small expenses.

However, with no fees, an easy-to-navigate UI, and a slew of security safeguards, it’s the ideal way to repay someone. If this sounds great to you, there are a few things you’ll need to do to obtain your free Venmo credit card with great rates. Here’s all you’ll need to know.

How do I get approved for a Venmo credit card?

There are a few things to bear in mind if you want to get authorised for your first Venmo credit card. First and foremost, you must have an active Venmo account with a minimum of 30 days of continuous usage (usage in terms of opening the application). In order to be authorized for a Venmo credit card with reasonable rates, you must be at least 18 years old.

Many individuals are unaware that Venmo is a PayPal subsidiary. So, in order to receive a Venmo credit card, you must first be accepted for one through PayPal. The procedure is quite straightforward, but it can only be completed with a computer.

A PayPal credit card can only be obtained on the company’s website. In the application procedure, no mobile apps are used in any way.

Venmo will send you a letter with the grounds for rejection if your application is rejected due to erroneous information or a flaw in the application form. However, if they require additional information before approving the request, simply submit it in the Venmo app’s credit card section.

Venmo credit card pre-approval process?

The first step in having your Venmo account “authorised” for online purchases is to go through the pre-approval process. Consider it a credit card screening process that assures the bank that you can be trusted to use your Venmo account to make purchases over $1,000.

Many people were disputing transactions and claimed they were illegitimate, which was generating issues for both customers and businesses, so Venmo initiated this process. If you’re not approved, you’ll have to pay in person using particular Venmo credit card rates, which we’ll go into later.

Step to apply for the Venmo credit card pre-approval process?

  • First, log in to your Venmo account. (If you do not have a new account, please register for one here.)
  • For the next step, tap on the profile icon in the corner.
    Now click on the “Settings” option.
  • There you will see a “Payment Method” option which will immediately open your payment method dashboard.
  • A full list of all Venmo cards that are linked to your Venmo account will appear along with the respective rates in use.
  • Now the cards that are eligible for the pre-approval process will have a lock symbol next to their names.
  • Simply click on the “Get Started” option for the credit card you wish to use.
  • The system will redirect you to the pre-approval process.
  • In addition, they will ask for the last 4 digits of your security card and assign a secret code to verify online purchases.
  • Tap “Next” to enter your full card number along with the expiration date and billing zip code.
  • Proceeding to the last step, click “Submit” after reviewing all the information.

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