Assurance Wireless Secret Codes 2023

This article guides you all about the assurance wireless phones secret codes 2023. So, check the list of assurance wireless secret codes, which may help for all compatible assurance wireless phone devices.

Assurance Wireless Secret Codes

Assurance Wireless is a program that provides eligible low-income individuals with a free cell phone and a certain amount of monthly minutes, texts, and data. The free assistance program is funded by the federal Universal Service Fund and is administered by various service providers in different states.

It is a well-known free government phone provider. The Assurance Wireless secret code can be used on a number of selected Virgin Mobile phones. To use a phone on Assurance Wireless, you must buy a cell phone that is perfectly compatible.

Once you buy it, ensure that Assurance Wireless is activated. Use the phone to make calls, use the Internet, and send texts.

You must have a personal account that is active to get access to the Assurance Wireless secret code. Therefore, if the customer does not have an account, be sure to activate it before proceeding.

assurance wireless secret codes,
assurance wireless secret codes

Activate Assurance Wireless Phone

To activate the assurance wireless phone and start talking, follow the steps below:

  • Insert a battery and turn on the mobile.
  • Press and hold the red power button.
  • Press the right option key to select Activate option.
  • Press the left option key to select the Edit option.
  • Type your 10-digit Account PIN using the keypad.
  • Then press the left option key. 
  • Press down on the navigation key.
  • Then press the left option key.
  • Once you see this screen, wait for a second or two.
  • you will get the message on your screen, please save your Assurance Wireless Phone Number.
  • Press the left option key to restart the phone.

If any trouble while activating the Assurance wireless phone, you can call the Assurance Wireless customer service number at 1-888-321-5880 from another phone.

List of assurance wireless secret codes

#06#IMEI will display.
#8255##GTalk service will display.
##4636##Details of the phone such as the battery and additional usage statistics will be displayed.
*225#To check the voicemail balance.
*#2663#Screen details will display.
*1234#The firmware version will display.
*646#To see the minutes of call time remaining.
*3001#12345#Accessing the phone’s test menu which hence can be utilized for troubleshooting goals.
*#34971539#Camera sensor information will be displayed.
*#7465625#Network lock status can be checked.
*#232338#The WLAN adapter’s MAC address will be displayed.
*#232337#Bluetooth radio’s MAC address will be displayed.

What phones are compatible with Assurance Wireless?

  • Nokia C01 Plus 4G.
  • Alcatel QUICKLIP 4044C.
  • ZTEBlade A5.
  • Samsung Galaxy A02.
  • Samsung Galaxy A03 Core.
  • Moto G fast/2020/Unlocked/Made for the US by Motorola/3/32GB/16 MP.
  • TCL 10L.
  • Samsung Galaxy A10S.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • Moto G stylus.
  • Samsung Electronics Galaxy A12.
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s.
  • Kyocera DuraXV Extreme E4810.
  • One Plus 8.
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy 520 FE 5G.
  • Moto G Power.
  • SAMSUNG Electronics Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G.

Now, you know and got the Assurance Wireless Secret Codes, which are used for various purposes.