How to Check my Citi credit card application status?

If you want to check Citi credit card status then you can read this guide.

You can check by using the online tool for Citi credit card application status check or by calling customer service at (888) 201-4523.

How to Check Citi Credit Card Application Status Online

Citibank may request some personal details, such as your Application ID, zip code, phone number, Date of birth, and/or social security number, to verify your identity.

It usually takes up to two weeks for Citi to make a decision on your credit card application. Your card is expected to arrive within 14 days of the decision if you are approved for an account. Note that Citi does not offer expedited delivery.

Steps to Check Citi Credit Card Application Status

  • Go to the official page of Citi’s status check.
  • Enter some required details, like the application ID and zip code, or your phone number, zip code, and birthday.
  • Click on the “check your status” tab.
  • After that, you will get your  Citi application status on the device’s screen: approved, denied, or still pending.

Steps to check Citi credit card application status by phone

  • You can call (888) 201-4523 to check the status of your Citi credit card application.
  • Now, Tap “1” for English.
  • Then, Tap “2”.
  • Lastly, enter your Social Security number.
  • A Citi agent will give you the status of your application.

If unfortunately, your Citi Credit Card application gets rejected, you can still request reconsideration. You can call this number at (800) 695-5171.

It’s a long process, though, and you’ll need to prove that your situation is better than it appears on your application.