How To Apply for Free Government iPhone 7 (Easy Guide)

By | March 25, 2023

There are no official programs to apply for a free government iPhone 7 in the United States. However, there are some programs available that provide free or low-cost cell phones to qualified low-income individuals through the Lifeline program. If you also belong to a low-income family, please follow the steps to apply for a free or discounted cell phone:

Steps to Apply for Free Government iPhone 7

Here are some steps to apply for free government iPhone 7 or iPHone 7 plus:

Step 1: Determine if you are eligible:

To be eligible for a free or discounted cell phone through the Lifeline program, you must participate in a government assistance program such as Medicaid, SNAP, or Federal Public Housing Assistance.

Alternatively, your household income must be 135% or less of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify for a free iPhone 7, similar to the Lifeline program.

Step 2: Select a Lifeline service provider:

There are many Lifeline service providers that provide free or discounted smartphone or cell phone services to all low-income individuals. You can visit the official website of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to find a list of providers in your region.

Step 3: Apply for The program:

Once you have selected the provider closest to you, you can apply for the Lifeline program through the service provider of your choice. You will need to provide proof of eligibility, such as a copy of your Medicaid card or proof of income.

Step 4: Select a cell phone plan:

After submitting the Lifeline application program, once you have been approved, you can select the best cell phone plan for your needs; some service providers offer free cell phone services, while others offer discounted plans.

Step 5: Get your cell phone:

Depending on the plan you choose, your service provider will either send you a free cell phone or provide you with a discounted phone. You can then start using your new phone and the plan you selected.

Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies

Some best free government cell phone companies/providers are available:

Assurance Wireless
Safelink Wireless
Airtalk Wireless
Cintex Wireless
Qlink Wireless

Which Program Offers Free Government iPhone 7?

There are some programs that provide free official iPhone 7s. The most famous of these is the Lifeline program which is associated with the government. Further programs include the National Lifeline Association and the Connect America Fund.

  • Lifeline program
  • National Lifeline Association
  • Connect America Fund


This is an easy guide on how to apply for a free government iPhone 7 in 2023. You can get a heavy discount on the iPhone 7 from government cell phone companies.